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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"



I just turned 18! w00t!

lol, that was a great flash, it's going into my favorites, and I think I may buy a T-shirt. You might get a kick out of Eric Idle's song "The FCC Song" Let's put it this way, if the FCC ever plays it it'll cost them a quarter of a million for use of the F word so many times. Very nice... Very very nice.

Great for first submission. Want to see more.

I thought it was funny and altough I agree this may not be the funniest Flash ever on this sight, graphically it ranks with one of the best I have ever seen online (although there seems to be a compression issue with the beeps). Would like to see more of a "propaganda" angle in the next short. I do not see the Jib Jab comparisons, but definately the Spumco influence. Great site too. As I am Captian Capitalism would say "It is never too early to start selling goods and services that support your new cartoon, Commie Bastard"


Haha it was funny as hell. Laughed my a**e off, LoL!
It was d**k s**k**g f**k**g funny, d00d!
One of the best flashes ive ever seen.

This was fun...I laughed my head off

Keep up the good work...LOL!!!