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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude that was the funniest thing i have seen on this site. i think you bleeping the words made it even funnier. awe man i wish i could draw like you to. beautiful animations. please keep up the great work

this is just the best

this is my favorit animation.
I laught soo much. I love your style.
it i so funny the face of the kid.
i want much more of it

Suck My Clock!

Clock movies are gayer than a gay pride parade! Suck a clock, you clock-lover.

Strawberry Clock isn't king of the portal, you brainless n00b. Learn how to use flash before you shit up the portal with your clock crap!

A truely good series.

With good scripting, Captain Capitalism works. This made me laugh out loud so it gets an instant 5/5 beacause i barely laugh out loud, good stuff, i can give you no advice to improve as it is excellent already.

Captain Capitalism!

It rules! Funny as hell at the obsenity filled bit kicks off. Good luck!