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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

Never before has so much swearing been so funny!

Wow. Great film, hilarious too. I never thought so much vulgarity could prove to be so hilarious. Most Flash films I've seen just use it gratuitously...this uses it AS the funny part. I salute j00!

Well done, and very funny.

What a difference good drawing makes! It's nice to see characters that have detailed features, hands with correctly drawn fingers for example. This would be a pleasure to watch just for the quality of the graphics, even if it wasn't funny as hell, but it is!

That was aseowe

After watching this movie i laufghet for a long time.


This is one of the few animations that actually deserves Number One. Congratulations.

The bleeps actually made it funnier.

And yes, there's no shame in blatantly shoving your merchandise in our faces. As a matter of fact, I'm suddenly compelled to buy one of those shirts.


That Pwns!! Im still laughing from that hula dance that dick did! @_@ HAHA LOL! U ROCK!!!