Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"


SWEET dont be a cheap *beep* and give me ur mony or buy my useless crap!TODAY!


awesome workw/ Cpt. cpaitalism, hes great! i would strongly suggest you to make more and, yes, they remind me of those old 50s film reels.

(no im not wierd either)

I *bleeping*ing Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome. But Dick should "accidintly" shoot one of the kids when he was on ornery.

Laughed My Ass Off!

I've always been a personal hater of 'Political Correctness' and of censorship as well. I couldn't help but find this to be a laugh riot, and one of my favorite flashes on NG, if only on the grounds that it's funny as hell in making fun of our government, the tightwads that run it, and is rampant with Abrupt Humor (that's what I call it at least, the funny that comes when you least expect it and very suddenly).

The graphics were smooth too, and it reminded me very much of those old 'social engineering' cartoons (not unlike the movies at the beginning of the Fallout games)

Great job with this!


omg that's not something you should teach kids these days. they'd smack you up for that now.lol this was funny, but the ending was wierd...nevermind.great job. but there was lipsyncing?i didn't notice cuz it was so good!keep up the good stuff!