Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

Captain Communist

have u ever heard about Captain Communist? he's real alright, a lot similar to yours Captain Capitalism,



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Man this thing was friggin hillarious.It is one of the best submissions on Newgrounds this week.But why did you bleep out the swears.You should have kept them.Anyway still very good.

Very nice.

I liked it, and so did the rest of my family. Keep them coming, and in the same style.

The only real beefs I had with this was that it took a minute to load, which wasn't too big of a deal, and the sound was a bit quiet, which was easily fixed my turning my speakers up.

I easily give this my five, if only to let Dad n' Me go down in the ratings and give some others a chance. X_x

Ah, omg, Ah.

Whatever that means. Ignore that if you will, beacuse i have no real explanation for it.

Oh, do i love it when a big muscle guy tries to explain something with a cheerful tone. And i couldn't have explained it better. ''Oh, well, you can't say ******, ****, *******, and god ****''. Freaking, hilarious. Though when the vice president started crying, it was a bit too much. Sure it wouldn't been fun at all if he just would've sodded a bit, but now we have this mixed emotion thingie in our minds. I don't know which one that's worse.

Great, comicly animated characters. Just like the cartoons i used to watch when i was seven, when there still was some well animated shows on the air. All the children was chaped so ridicolously, that i actually laughed. And the fact that they knew som much about politics stunned me. Oh, and it was great detailed when you saw the computer in the vice president's torso. Nice work on the enviroment, too.

Whoever did those voice, i'm sure you paid him well, beacuse that's a fellow i'd want on my crew if i ever decided to direct a cartoon. He never once stumbled upon his words (though i'm pretty sure he did it at least once when recording, but that just shows that he isn't willing to give up), and if he just came up with those lines with no script, i applaud him. Beacuse it sounded a bit thought-up-in-this-moment-ish.

A-mazing. I envy the guy who employs you.

~ Frost

Very Nice! Very nice indeed!

This Flash reminds me of the super hero Powered Toast Man Because that's who captain capitalism sounds like to me. Which KICKS ASS! That and seeing Dick cheney do the hula! ROFL! I also saw the Heroes flash on your web site which also was really good. I never thought to do Clerks using super heroes before. Keep up the good work!