Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


The game is simple yet fun. Though you can really play with a mouse, and nothin else, and the last boss is insane when it comes to spamming.
As for people who cant beat the dragon or whatever, you dont hit fireballs, when you see a red circle, just line up the red circle on the sword to any other red cicle, and when you see green circles,thats what you hit.
it took me a couple tries to get used to it, but i did and the game became great.


i played it when it was just on here prob my 1st game XD wizard is really hard next to that is the dragon goodluck playing this u need it ^^

Wow, whatever

I'll give you a few of marks for solid imagination and ingenuity but your damn dragon is too hard to beat, especially with a touch pad. Cool concept, but too frustratingly hard. Maybe I just suck?

That was great

I was laughing when the mage poped up, inspired by Final Fantasy im shure of it (don't lie to me). It was perfect, better than number two, simple, but difficultly fun.
i liked how you rewarded people for beating everything, that "extra hidden battle" (I wont ruin it for the rest of the people who play)

good game

I agree the game is difficult, but i enjoy the concept alot. i can see this goin somewhere