Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


but the last stage is impossible xD

Aeternus Lamnia

wow Aeternus Lamnia there's nothing i can really say here but that this game is terrible how the hell are you supposed to get past the first level? you die like right after you hit the dragon once blocking doesn't seem to work. and it's just a no. sorry. 1/10 1/5


Someone has played too much Shining Force.


Great game. Anyone know where the music from the Elemental Mage stage is from?

not too bad

as stated before, the bosses as a whole are not too bad, the mage, i agree, is a bit annoying that you have to depend on its attack to beat it. as far as the last boss is concerned.... he is much to fast and the broad swing is just too much. i understand he was designed to be a challenge, however the scale of toughness from boss 4 to 5 was staggering. cut scenes where you can watch your victim die (dragon a side scroll around its head, the twitching spider legs and body, the kracken floating away, the mage exploding more, and the reveal of who the knight was)

overall solid game 8/10 and 4/5