Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

good game but hard.

its a good game. its preety easy until u get up to the mage then it gets a bit harder it took me like 10 turns to kill that. when i got to the knight it got way to hard i could block all the attacks but i couldnt move fast engough to attack. lol.


well in the beginning it was easy but the mage is way too hard,but its fun to play

Meh it was ok.

Wellllllllll, it wasn't bad but as most other people said its way to hard especially on a laptop. And the funny thing is that the Demon night was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY eseir that the fucking mage!!! I died like fourteen times on the mage but only twice on the demon night. Oh, and to make things esier to peeps who are stuck on tha mage,

Lightning: just keep your mouse on it and dont go to fast, also, when lightning finishes keep ur mouse where lightning finishes cos he often repeats.

Fire: Its really easy just go right, then go left. He often repeats this to.

Rock: Th one closest to the right usually attacks first, make sure that you dont swing ur mouse to fast, it will screw you up.

Ice: It took me ages to find out this, it helps so much if you put ur mouse in the right or left lower hand corner and attack. It reduces the length of ur sword so you dont get hit.

Hope someone appreciates it......



the game is good but once you get to the mage its just way too hard. If you were able to buy extra health or something it would make the game much more fun.

The game.

Is difficult. The beginning stage is already jumping straight into the gameplay. There's no progressive easiness.