Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

Basic yet challenging

I can dig this game. It was tricky @ first, but then I got the hang of it. I agree with Siborg about making another game like this or even a second and then add mini movies or something?? IDK just to give a helping word or two. I'd say put some more time and thought into another one like this and you'll have front page maybe!

Keep up the good work yo

A cheese Slicer

And i love cheese :) This game was cool, havn't played anything like this before, reminds me of games on the Wii. Though the hit detection was a big buggy. I would recommend doing a rail hack and slash kind of game, make another one :)


I loved this game! ^w^ It's especially challenging with a tablet!


Is it broken or something?

I think..

Games should be rated according to what type it is, not who's type, and though it's not particularly my type either, for what it is, it was not bad. A little more variety in a number of things (Attack's mainly) would definately make this game.