Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

personly i dont like it

i can see why people think its good but i an also see the good side to this game too


i cant stop playing this game. its to fun :D. also i dont get why some people thing this game sucks >.>.

Logic, use it.

It's an old game. A very old game. I played this game when it first came out, and it was genius for the time. It was created during the pinnacle of the Golden Flash Game Era, and still won second place. The Golden Flash Game Era I refer to is when games were original, without massive repetition, like all the dirt bike games and brawlers that now mutilate the genre. No one had made a game like this yet, and no one has really done the same yet. Sure, every now and then we get another amazing creation to be permanently added to the Favourites Bar, like Amorphous+ or Feudalism and numerous others, but genius games are seemingly being pushed aside for better graphics, but not much else, or just being killed by sports game faggots. Although it is impossible on a laptop's touchpad, it OBVIOUSLY SHOULD BE! I typed this review and played this game on a laptop, but at least I had the brains to connect a mouse. This game, being old, was created when no one would think you could ever take a computer where ever you go. No one had any idea what a "touchpad" was, because digital touch technology hadn't been invented yet.
This is a beautiful game with wonderful gameplay for its time and memorable music. The story was a little generic and stereotypical but then again nearly everything is, so I won't detriment it on that.
Aeternus Lamnia, which I think means: "Eternal Lament" I don't really see how the title fits, but it is wonderful all the same. Once again, an incredible game. In fact I'd go as far as to say I would beat down stereotype jocks and twatlighters in its name.
Tom, if you see this, please realize that those who don't act on a higher level of thinking don't deserve to give there opinions. If they are naturally stupid or boring, they can at least try harder. It's a little obvious where I "directed" this review while staying in the logical guidelines. Now, to play the game until my eyes bleed.

great game

very good game if you dont suck at it the minigames were awesome challenge mode was great endlessmode could of had more varity in tentacles overall stats
10/10 gameplay
10/10 music/sfx
10/10 overall

thanks dude for creating a great game ^_^


Put a mute button please ¬¬
How do I beat the SATAN??? You try to defend, it's hard, and defend THEN attack... Impossible, only one position You can atack and defend at the same time -.-, Very very hard.....
But the music it's so annoyng!
Put a mute buton please!