Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


What i like:
-reminds me of the elder scrolls
-good sword motion and enemy animation
-cool sword fight

what creeps me out:
-the hands are flowing

The tip-top of swords and sorcery

What a classic and terrific adventure, challenging and engaging, the all-entity lineup of enemies gives me a genuine feeling of nostalgia for those old fantasy maze books.


Okay, to be honest, I haven't played too many First-Person Sword-fighting games, only two or three, and the other ones actually really sucked... on of 'em was Starwars =< But still, this game is amazing! I had some trouble with the blue-spirit-that-came-out-of-the-demo nknight-thingy, though, but... It's supposed to be a challenge! :D You deserve ten out of ten for pulling of a game of great standard (this game, that is) =>

A brilliant game with truly amazing gameplay.

This is easiliy the best First-Person Sword Swinging game (An FPSS) that I've ever played.
The bosses are powerful, but still beatable, and the controls are simple and easy to grip. The bosses were imaginative, and the gameplay was fast-paced and well-done.
I congratulate you, this game is epic.


easy control yet very challenging i like it