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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

A fun game to play.

The tutorial was pretty descriptive of what to do to draw them. Of course this should be more like a movie since you don't actually draw the character. Whichis exactly why I gave it a 5 in interactivity. But other than that it was pretty cool. Good job dude.

I salute to the people who died in 9/11. :'(

Aprime responds:

Well it said game/interativity, you probaly neva submitted any thing b4, well thats what it says, and i think it sad that thoes ppl and 9/11 died, did you see that Television programe about the man who predicted 9/11, any way thanks for voting, vote 5, if you didnt then vote again tomorow, and go on my site www.aprime.tk :)

I got a little hang of it.

It wasn't that much to "play", it's just a slide show of instructions, so there goes ya six. This is really handy for me incase I want to know how to make the simpsons. Ah, well thanks, man. I hope more characters comes next, like Family Guy or Futurama.

Aprime responds:

Yeh Family Guy lol, that will be great, and Futurama, lol Even Better, if this helped you how to draw, then you should vote higher, its up to you, ill probably make Family guy and futurama tutorial, but first ill make a game called "homer the flanders Killer, email me what you think, aprime.tk@gmail.com, and visit www.aprime.tk, if you voted 4 or lower, vote 5 tomorow :) thanks!
front page here i go!

Pretty cool really.

I guess i will always refer to this to.. draw the simpsons?? lol whatever, i liked the tutorial. Mabye you could add un-important people in ur next flash (If ur going to make another)
I liked it.

Aprime responds:

Yeh like Apu mahasapetalon, Burns and Willy, lol, but first ill need to learn how to draw the proply, then i can show all of you guys and galz how :), it was funny in that epp when bart lost he dog, and willy said i ate hes guts, i ate his bones, and i ate the mess he made on the floor, lol, any way, please visit www.Aprime.tk

Could have been better easily!

Such a waste! The tutorial, it's allright... Kinda limited and not sooo helpful, but nicely done.

Only, your spelling really annoyed me! Is it zo hard to use a dictionary? I'd even like to help you correct the mistakes!

Aprime responds:

Ok you can do that next time, when i make another Flah, but this is a "How to draw the simpsons" thing not a "How to spell thing", maby you can make that, but im not going to, any way if you voted like 2 today, vote 5 tomorow because its a how to draw not an how to spell ;), and please visit www.aprime.tk ;)


i actually found this whole thing extremly nifty because ive always wanted to know how to draw some of my favorite characters, and you did a great job on the step by step process, you could make a great game or movie out of this too, i hope you make more of these kind of things, keep up the good work, 5

Aprime responds:

Thanks, Im alway draw the simpsons, if your reading the reviews, please could you email me what you thing about the game im might make, ull no what im talking about when you read the rewiews, thanks Again! :)