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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"


you make it look so easy, im gonna try now. oh please just walk on through the portal now! 10-5 for you!!!

Aprime responds:

Thanks im getting realy good credit from a guy whos 21, and im 13, thats like 8 years older than me, i bet ur not 21 and u jt go a guy off the internet as your pic, lol, any way, thanks for voting 10/5, ???, any way im going to make a game called homer simpsons flanders killer, ill put ur name in the credits, for no reason, lol, any way, thanks for voting, and go on my webisite www.aprime.tk, :)


cool i found the whole thing quite interesting and usefull=]

Aprime responds:

Thanks for Viewing and Reviewing, Its great to know that people like it, im think maby i should make a game like "homer the flanders killer" what do you think! email me on aprime.tk@gmail.com, and dont foget to visit www.Aprime.tk

Thank you!

I love Simpsons and finally I found a way to draw it! Nice job! Keep the good work!

Aprime responds:

Yeh im thinking of making another simpsons game, called "Homer Simpson The Christain Killer" but then i thort homer is a Christian Himself, so now i think maby " Homer Simpson The Flanders Killer " email me what you think aprime.tk@gmail.com, thanks for Viewing, and Please Visit www.aprime.tk

Nice effort.

It's not bad but there are a few spelling errors. Charecter, instead of character, being the most obvious. Nice job though, and if I ever wanted to draw the Simpsons (which I can't see I do, at least for the time being) I will come back and try to find this.

Aprime responds:

Add me to your Favroits, Vote high, if you aready voted vote tomorow, because its an "How to draw the Simpsons" Tutorial not how to spell Tutorial, lol, any way please remeber to vote :) HIGH, lol, And please Visit www.Aprime.tk

it was good

it was pretty good actully I like it lol i had alread tried to do the simpsons before an I fail miserably maybe this time I can do it lol

Aprime responds:

Im sure you could, im 13 and yet i could draw the simpsons when i was 6, just from my head, I was and still am crazy about the simpsons, im sure ull be able to draw them, just see my tutorial, and im sure ull be able to draw them all with out looking, in about a week :), Yet Please Visit www.Aprime.tk