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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"

"Ignor the Spelling Mastakes!!11" Hehe.

Not bad, but doesn't really work as a "How-To-Draw" thing. Normally you'll tell them to draw a first model with basic shapes (circles) etc, then do another on a new layer, etc.

It was all right, for what it was.

Aprime responds:

Good point, well if i draw them exackly how i showed in the tutorial why does it matter, and there no right or wong way in showing how to draw stuff, no affecence but are you a nerd?

The drawings aren't even that good!

The music was annoying, the drawing were crapy, and you don't even know how to spell!

Aprime responds:

Umm are you blind did you even see the "stop music" button, and i can see you drawing better, and it not a spelling game u dick, oh and i dont see any of your flashes, well i wonder why?


There's really nothing new or exciting here. You took some pictures of Simpson's characters and traced them in steps and named each step. Exactly how is that a tutorial on how to draw them? To my knowledge, drawing such characters is a more complicated process than just "add eyes", "add nose", "add this", "add that" ... especially if you want to be able to draw them in more than one pose.

Also, it sounds really stupid to write, "Ignor the Spelling Mastakes, if there are any!" in your comments. I really hope it was tongue in cheek becasue it itself is full of spelling mistakes. You wrote a tutorial that is full of spelling errors? That's like writing a music tutorial whcih is full of incorrect notes. You should really either do it right, or don't bother submitting it until it is fixed. Spell check comes standard in tons of software, so you have no excuse to be this grammatically lazy and still expect high scores. You sure won't get a high score fom me.

Aprime responds:

1, i didnt trace them, so i must be so good that even a 32 year old thort i traced it!

2, Its a how to draw, not a how to spell!

3, Whats that I see, it says on the last line fom insted of from!


That was a great tutorial. The sound was nice. The pictures were awesome. Awesome job dude!

Aprime responds:

Thanks you sound like you no alot about the simpsons, and now you can draw them! Hey you wana email me! About a game i might make called "Homer simpson flanders killer" you can probable help

Email: aprime.tk@gmail.com
Website: www.Aprime.tk


Hey this was a farely decent tutorial mutch better than your draw bart simpson one i love your dress up a habbo game maybe we could work together to make a habbo dressup? I have lots of, alts

Aprime responds:

yeh sound great maby you could help me with my next game "homer simpson flanders killer"