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Reviews for "How to Draw The Simpsons"


on homer im guessing the "M" Stands for matt. And his ear is a "G" which stands for groening or however the hell it is spelled. SO that stands for his name. Im not so sure about it though. Maybe i just look too far into things.. good though.

Aprime responds:

lol, kk, but im sure you should have gaven the violence 10, lol.
thanks for the review


Much better

Ok this is so much better than the draw bart one it is jsut crazy.
I like that fact you used the step by step process in this one.
It made it so much easier to follow what you were doing with that process.
That is what I liek about most all the How to draw features you have the steps are easy to understand
The music was no surprise at all, glad you included the stop music button.
I like the fact you included the dog and cat in the list of characters.
Very nice job on this.

Aprime responds:

thanks, vote 5 every day ;)

Another drawing tutorial

This is a nice tutorial on how to draw each Simpsons character, including the pets. Again, good information on how to draw them. I found the information helpful if I ever wanted to draw a Simpsons character. You've used The Simpsons theme tune. However, I found the sound a bit too quiet. Maybe highering the quality of the music or able to have the sound actually louder. Other than that little bit, nice work.


Aprime responds:

thanks, yay another review for this movie!!! umm so yah, ne way, thanks, but if you found the music too low then you should turn ur speakers up, lol, people now days a'. thanks for the review

Pretty helpful but could be better

You're right, this isn't a how to spell tutorial. However, that doesn't mean you should just completely ignore any spelling errors you make. How hard could it be to fix the spelling errors before you post it? Your creations will be that much better for it.

Also, try to go more in depth on actually how to draw them. Parts of it were just like, "draw the eyes. Okay, now draw the nose." You did give a few tips but it didn't really teach how to draw them well. The main thing that helped me was just looking at your step by step drawings and trying to figure out how you drew it.

Just work on your presentation skills a little. Put a little more effort into it to make it easier for people to understand and actually be able to draw the Simpsons.

Aprime responds:

Ok lisen up, when u draw eyes there circles, oooo wow, i can'nt draw a eye, tell me how to draw it, ok it a round shap, eg O, there that will cheer you up!

No need to be rude but that was just dum what you said, if you wana complain think of a reason to complain!

Not Bad

I am thinking of trying to draw them, I was going to but I could not find a pen.

Aprime responds:

Never ever use pens when drawing, always pencles, not pens, its messy, and if you wana do it in pen do it in pencle first the do it in pen on top and rub out the pencle, and some picture are best when there not coloured in!

email: aprime.tk@gmail.com dont ask me why, i dont no why, i just advertise my email :), i no email what you thing i should make next!

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