Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"

Fun game.

Is it actually posible to switch weapons?
I bought the chain-gun then switched to chain gun in the mission select screen and I still fought the mission with the basic weapon.
It's a bit easy if you follow your advice and put your starting cash into armour.(And does the first mission over a couple of times to build your ship)

nice game

this game was a lot of fun.... it took me quite awhile to figure out the controls and everything, but once i did, it was a very nice game. the graphics in this one were excellent too. overall, this game was great. a real good one.

Not my cup of tea but mot bad all the same

I played and got pretty far but I just couldnt get into the game.As shooters go Im pretty much a freak for them.Theres just something about this one in particular that turns me off.I can tell you did alot of work on it and it came out well however so I voted and rated you based on that and not my own personal preference...so much.Nice game though, maybe you could work on control just a bit more.It seems to tend to drift a bit much.

could use a bunch of improvement...

not bad but not that good either.... you start out PRETTY weak... and you lose half of your money... please improve that.... and better controls! then this would DEFINITELY be a game worth playing!!

Wait and see! the uzair is coming!


WTF that shit was HAAARDD i couldnt get past the second level!