Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

Builds man, builds

Okay, so at :30 to :50, it was great. The bass had really kicked in, and around 1:04, that was great too.

But then, it didn't build past that. I mean, a couple of short breaks at 1:36 and at 2:24 you have kickass snares (can't think of the appropriate term at the moment, that's the closest I can think of) rocket in-

And then it's back to the same line that we heard right at the beginning. The energy stays the exact same. You could have punched up the tempo or the volume easily, but it stays flat. Where's the anger? The kickass bass that starts at :30?

Don't get me wrong, it has the makings of an epic song, but it really isn't more than a 6/10 for epicness. Seriously, why wasn't there a massive punch right at 2:43? Without lower lows and higher highs, the strongest moments in your music don't look any different than the weakest.

Trance is a good genre for looking at builds as it encourages builds. Paradoxial March By Gravey might also be a piece worth looking at- he has epic covered.

UncleSqueezins responds:

I see what you are talking about. But then again, this is my first song in this genre, so I'm not too worried. Thanks for the advise!


See if you can find 2 word in the title. That will explain my review. You Are so fucking going on my ipod and into my car! So fucking much! Dammit u should be on the top 5!!!!

In the future, those voices really help make ur work... work. I guess it's because I'm a guy, and those were women's voices, so it sounds BA. Again, GFJ (good fucking job).
Sorry for all of my bad language lol.

It's the best

im fairly new to industrial but by far this is the best song i have heard in a long time.

omg its so amazing!

its so cool and its long!!!!i like long song.you made a good job on this song!

the best audio in the portal

this would be great battle music against a demonic video-game boss or something

i love the choir in the bg