Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

You Sir Know Your Epicness!

I can imagine this track in the Metroid Prime series! It'll fit nicely in a boss fight or some abandoned factory poorly lit filled with the hellish creatures of unknown worlds.

UncleSqueezins responds:

The Metroid series music has actually given me some song ideas. Kinda funny how you mentioned that xD

You're wrong

This song doesn't fit for epic moment in a game. When I played Battlefield 2, I listened this song and I with just 10 hp, no bullets and only knife forced 2 dudes to get out of a tank and I killed them both, then when it was still playing I scored 25 points only for kills. I'm saying that your creations are perfect, EPIC and they drives me nuts, I just want to listen them again and again.


This was pure epic! I can see this track in like some game with a massive boss fight!!


This makes me wanna do something.. but i dunno what. Drives me fucking crazy...
Anywho, this is extreme, nice bass, good melody and stuff. Just... EPIC. dont stop, move on.


I totally agree, Industrial/heavy beat light tune is FUN. REALLY FUN.

super sweet tune.