Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

o-o woah.....

when I was listening to the first part I started thinking of a game like LoZ.... and this music is playing in the background as your guy wanders the maze of the dungeon, trying to find his way out...

nice song, perfect for when I'm playing something and just taking forever to do something... this song'll help me get through it ^^


Woah this is like Knight of Cygnus-meets-Galadriel-meets-Voldemor t-meets-FF-meets something darn epic!

Though other than the choir at the back, there doesn't seem to be much darkness. I hope you can make a darker and more evil sounding version! I know you have the potential, dude!

UncleSqueezins responds:

thanks! I've made a lighter version of the song but i'll think about making a darker one too!

I usually have my headphones in!

I usually have my headphones in but they broke and i just so happened to be listening on full volume when this came on. GOOD JOB DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Very epic. sounds like it should be on a metal gear solid boss fight...


keep up the good work Deimos! 5/5 10/10

Amazing Dude!!!

Wow,this song rocks.I think its really good and im glad that your making more of these,CUZ THIS SONG IS JUST AMAZING DUDE!!!In the beggining of the song,its starts out like a dark techno,like feel,and then just rages into a hip-hop beat.KEEP IT UP :D

UncleSqueezins responds:


epic win!

love the transitions!
it starts off with a dark, movie-like feel, and the transition just lifts it into a hip-hop sort of drum beat. after that, well - an entertaining track!
well done!