Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

Word of the wise

DONT PUT THIS SONG IN A SUPER WOOFER!!!!! they will blow you away!!!! literally!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0 other then almost destroying my super woofers this is a good song!


Good choir ombiance and breakdown

Like it.

I love the desert-industrial theme mixed with the dance-hip hop beat.

Thanks for helping me by making some music for my game btw.


lol i did not know we have a genre called industrial on NG. anyways good job. right towards the end was when the song caught my attention. it felt like it was gonna build into something epic, but it just ended. anyways good job on the track


Very well produced, i can find no fault in this track, i could definitely stomp all over the dance floor to this track, kinda reminds me a bit of either Nachtmar or C-Drone Dfect's newest releases, the latter of which of which there's remix kits, although the remix contest is over now

UncleSqueezins responds:

Well it's not ment to be a dance song, but I'm glad you like it! :D