Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

Dont usually look at industrial ..

This is cirtainly a epic track on a grand scale of electronica genres!

Not gonna base this on any bloody computer games but this comes with some deep evil travel sound, slow or bullettime walking through a scene of hell from constantine.. (weird movie mate)...

Love it in everyway, Download, Faved, Rated 10/10 & 5/5'd.

Deep space combat!

Makes me think of metroid (those pants gamecube/wii remakes) but in a good way..

This music is fantastc.

sick bro,

the acid bass really got me hooked. i was expecting the tempo to kick up to double the speed taht it actually was. so i was kinda disappointed when i heard the slow 120(guess?) going, but soon i was moving to it anyways. good movement kept with the song, nice flow and all. no real noticable main lead or chorus, so the best thing i could think for this would be for background music, this might work at clubs with the right djs.

What ive been looking for!

This is a VERY GOOD song by the way. I Really like songs like this with the quior in the background- makes it sound epic, I'm looking for more songs like this one to play video games to


Sounds like a dance version of the tracks I make. :D nice