Reviews for "DJ Deimos-Illusion"

omg its so amazing!

its so cool and its long!!!!i like long song.you made a good job on this song!

Boss Worthy

Ahh very good song...and your first industrial song so that makes me even more impressed :D

Ya it doesnt change that much......so you lose a point of that but you get a 9/10
I probably will use this for when i get better at flash :P
Right now im only using game maker lol


This makes me wanna do something.. but i dunno what. Drives me fucking crazy...
Anywho, this is extreme, nice bass, good melody and stuff. Just... EPIC. dont stop, move on.

Holy shit...

I... I... I came.

KroweMusic responds:


Your music gives me such a robotic hard on in my trousers. good job!