Reviews for "Jenova's Theme Metal FF7"


ooo man,i adore ff7 and anything related to it...and yeah that is great song :D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thank you.

Very nice

You've got a great start here!

However, the orchestration really feels empty, it could be fuller - there's this empty space which makes it sound like something's missing. More instruments? Different arrangement? Leave it as is? You decide. :P

Loved it nonetheless. :D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Indeed, I'm thinking that I might just add an orchestra to it. Or maybe just some more layers and lengthen it a bit. Still brainstorming ideas. Thanks for the input man.


I also love the Final Fantasy series. Great job, hopefully there is another.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Not sure if I'll do another Final Fantasy tune. Have to go through them and see if there are any others that I really want to hear a different version of. Thanks for the review.

What can I say?

This song is just great, the instrumentals blend perfectly and it has a cool feel. Make it a little longer though and it's one of my favorite audios.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks man, there should be a longer version at some point.

Freakin' sweet!

The only reason I can't rate this a 10 out of 10 is because I'm biased towards my own marching arrangement. However, you rocked the house on this one. I love the delay guitar and how you transposed the melody down an octave or three (:D).

My only critique, however, is that the drums were too simplistic (though moving the timpani part to the toms was a good move). Anyway, excellent job, my messiah. :)

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Sweet, someone noticed the timpani part on the toms. I would have spiced the drums up a bit more if I had the time, but I barely got everything recorded and mixed in time with this version. I'll give you marching arrangement a listen in a bit.