Reviews for "Jenova's Theme Metal FF7"

when you think of metal

you dont hav an idea of metal i think its not always hard an destructiv

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Well everyone sees it differently.

when i think of metal...

i think of something hard and destructive. this isn't it. it's to light, to soft. not bad, but it could be better.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Ah, well everyone has a different view on what metal is. Thanks for the review.

could be alot better

hm ya well... you see its 2 plain. you need more instruments atleast if your going try to remix something by nobuo xD. you see the original has a low tine in the beggining to set a tone, also if your gunna try make it a metal version my ears better be raped by volume on 1 xD. i thought it was... to plain you had no extra feature instead of remixing which is to make something better.. you kinda downgraded it. never the less, if you add more instruments add the main electric guitar only as you main melody and a more eleborate more on the chrous; you might have something more acceptable.

6/10 4/5

speedmetalmessiah responds:

I've been tinkering with the idea of adding an orchestra to it, but am still undecided. As for the ears raped on volume one, I didn't want to ruin the tune by compressing and limiting the hell out of it. That would have really made it sound like shit. Anyway, thanks for the review man.


I like the attemp but the snare sounds like paper the guitars are at times non-sense and everything else is beginner sounds with a few scales played at a lowly skilled level but hey good attemp.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

I'm not annoyed by this oddly enough.


not really good at all. anyone who actually plays guitar can tell you this is musically shit......listen to some led zeppelin for inspiration....

speedmetalmessiah responds:

I do listen to Zeppelin. I also know plenty of guitar players who definitely don't think it's musically shit.