Reviews for "Jenova's Theme Metal FF7"


total pwn and evil as fuck!

speedmetalmessiah responds:



love it so much i just wish it was longer

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yeah, I wanted to make it longer, but didn't have the time. Hopefully I can expand it soon.

Nice Piece

I like how you made the guitars lower than the original song, which gave it a different feel, which is something that I look for when listening to songs in the Audio Portal. Keep up your good work, keep playing that guitar!


speedmetalmessiah responds:

Indeed I will. Luckily I'm not the only person who was a fan of shifting the guitars down. Thanks for the review.

Well Done

You did a swell job

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thank you.

This is pretty good.

I like this version more than any squenix version of any movie/game they have done.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Really? That surprises me. Thanks man.