Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"

As you asked...

...here I am.

Dude, I don't even know that game, but this song rules!

rtnario responds:

Oh, thanks again for your 4th review on one of my works XD

This is the first of its kind (Boss Battle! was much later), so I thought you'd be interested in what I had at first. But since you already did listen and review, thanks! And yeah, not many people know the game and get why this is a remix. Game's pretty unknown and I can't blame anyone.

...but if ever you're looking for a great portable Strategy-RPG with lots of mechs and customization...=)


I've never played (or even heard of) the series in question, but the song is just amazing. I really like the piano, and my favorite part is the outro. I really don't see why people don't like the "random hits". I think they're perfect. The only noticeable flaw I see is the lack of transition to the outro. The guitar work is great, and though I thought the song was leading to become overly complex, it never sounds muddled to me. Great work!

rtnario responds:

When I remixed this song, I just really felt the need to add orchestration and that piano. I guess it worked out well! And finally, someone who directly says that the random hits sounds okay XD They're perfect with the original and I honestly don't see why they wouldn't fit in with my remix. People are probably not used to things like that ^^;

And yes, I admit to that flaw to the outro. I do that a lot, but I try to make it sound better each time...TCA was my first attempt, so I'm not gonna wonder why you thought it was kinda abrupt. Because I know it is. XD

Also, it can sound muddled at some points where ALL instruments are playing, but I always try to balance it as much as possible.

Thanks for the review. =)

Kick Ass

A lot of effort sounds like it was put into this. (I wish I knew what software is used to make this stuff heh) I may have never played or even heard of the original game but this single track is more than enough to tell me that it had to be great. Great remix, keep up the good work.

rtnario responds:

It has always been FL Studio, but if you're talking about VST, instruments and effects...trade secret :)

The original was great, and was the very reason I remixed the track. So if you like strategy RPG games, go for it. Super Robot Taisen Original Generation series for the GBA. Thanks, and hope you enjoy the game XD

Very nice.

This is one of those songs that sturs the imagination. I could see this for many different reasons. I can't say i've played the game that you say this came from but DAMN the song is freaking awesome. The only complaint i have is towards the beginning you added a hit and that didn't sound like it fit. You again used it later on 1:26. Other then that the song just rules all LOL.

Keep it up!


rtnario responds:

6th comment about the hit XD It was part of the original song, and since I wanted to remain faithful (like I almost always do in all remixes) to the original melodies, I even added the random hit that people who've played the game and heard the original theme might like. ^^

Thanks for the review, still =)


This song is nice...It sounds like it could be in an anime if it had an Japanese singer...

rtnario responds:

Thanks. And personally, I prefer letting it stay as an instrumental. ^^