Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"


At first I was like wait a minute I heard this before. When I saw in the author comment it was from SRT OG I was like O_O. Haven't played any SRT games in a long time. Now I have the urge to play them again.

All I have to say is to do more.

rtnario responds:

I've got betas of Ryusei's, Elzam's/Ratsel's & Axel's themes, so maybe I might continue one of them sometime in the future. You can try listening to my other SRT remix here from the new non-strategy RPG SRT game if you want to hear music similar to this one though. =)

Also, play them again. XD


ok you might think this is crazy but from 0:34 to 0:40 it kinda sounds like "thin lizzy- old town" not the whole song just a small bit in lizzys song,its speeded up and heavyer but it still sounds kinda the same

rtnario responds:

I dunno about you, but this theme came from the awesome Japanese developers of the SRT series, Banpresto. Try finding a similarity between Thin Lizzy and that XD Oh well, coincidence.

Awesome Remake!

Hahah I heard this and started laughing and got thrown into nostalgia cause that sounds just like the original! I love the super robot taisen series your my hero :D. "this is my trump card!". ^_^

rtnario responds:

Hell yeah, an SRT fan who actually knows where this theme came from! XD

I always wanted to remix this theme ever since I heard it. You know it very well; the soundtrack of the 2 OG games are beautiful.

Thanks for the review! You can now resume Revolver Stake-ing the s**t out of everything. ^^

DBZ Man!!

It sounds like the song you would here in an intro of a Dragon Ball game. Just listen to the Dragon Ball Z intro theme, it's awesome!!!

DBZ Man!!!

10 / 10
5 / 5

rtnario responds:

Well, it does sound like it would fit well in something like DBZ, but for me it will forever be the awesome theme of awesome Kyosuke Nanbu piloting the awesome Alteisen in the awesome game that is awesome Robot Taisen. I mean, Super Robot Taisen. =)

Thanks for the review!

Excellent Song

I was really looking into buying the Super Robot Taisen series because I've heard it's an excellent RPG, now this gives me one more reason to buy it if the music is as great in game as it is here. I like everything about the song, even the random bang, because I know it's supposed to be there.

rtnario responds:

I've only played Original Generation 1 & 2 for the GBA since they were the only ones in English back then, but I assure you that it's an amazingly fun strategy RPG with lots of mechs, weapons, attacks and upgrades...really great for people who love customization.

And did I mention that the soundtrack's incredible? XD Thanks.