Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"


Great song. sounds like it should be the start of an anime or the end.

rtnario responds:

The original is very Anime-ey already actually, since it's based on the Super Robot Wars series of Japan. Thanks!


Half Captain Falcon, half anime credits, all face shattering awesome.

rtnario responds:

Thanks for the review! And Captain Falcon? Hmm...*listens to Mute City*

Odd note >_>

There where a couple odd notes at 0:19 and 1:26 it kinda threw it off a lil, but i dont kno if thats part of the original or not
but other than that awesome song

rtnario responds:

Odd notes? You seem to be referring to the "hit" sound that comes out of nowhere. Yes, that was part of the original. I can say that I would upload a new MP3 just to replace ANY wrong note I hear (like I did with this and others) if my internet allows it. xD

Thanks for reviewing!

yeah he's right

coming on slowly... then jumps an kills you! like an alien. just... the sound is better, eh?^^
I like the way the sounds are... coming together (damn, i hope u know what i mean)
a bit like Industrial^^ that makes me like it! Not only that but... well...:
melody + instruments + drums + the way u made it (damn-.-) come together = great^^
5/5 10/10
MfG FrEzil

rtnario responds:

Heh, I know exactly what you mean! It seems like the fact that you reviewed my works from "Outbreak [ELITE ReMaster]" up to TCA allowed you to hear my overall "history" of my one summer vacation's efforts into composing. =)

I mentioned that I'm a MIDI composer, then moved on with DAWs and started working my way up until finally I have this: my current setup and style that I've been sticking to; and it works well!

"Trump Card Alteisen" is the first of its kind, followed by songs like "Last Showdown" and the rest. By now I've learned how to get a good sound out of my style even when limited with sample-based instruments and VST. The band and the orchestra finally blended together in just the way I wanted it to blend. That would explain why it's the song I linked to on my (currently) only News post and the fact that it's my most popular song.

With that, I thank you for the 6 reviews that you've given me FrEzil! I'm glad you enjoyed my work and only hope that my future ones will be as awesome. ^^


Wow this is great :) There are so many things going on at the same time, and they are all awesome! You start this song and WOAH, its like you get punched in the face with just awesomeness! :D Very well done :)

rtnario responds:

I did not expect that quick of a reply...good to see you around here Mashed ^_^

Ahh...what you just said reminds me of what you did say when your first heard Unbroken Dream you know, and it's making me laugh since there were so many similarities in problems that I think I've finally fixed (according to your reaction)! Heck, see for yourself since it's almost coincidence XDDD

Unbroken Dream -> Trump Card Alteisen

1) "at some parts there were so many things going on that I was confused what melody to follow." into "There are so many things going on at the same time, and they are all awesome!"

2) "The beginning is a little odd, don't take me wrong, I love how it builds up :) But the guitar just at the beginning has an odd rhythm. I guess it's on purpose, but to me it felt like something was out of sync." into "You start this song and WOAH, its like you get punched in the face with just awesomeness!"

3) "A little mastering wouldn't hurt. If you don't know what to do, try "iZotope Ozone". It makes the job for you if you´re lucky" into exactly what you heard in this song; ever since you suggested it I've been using it in many songs! XD

4) "What drum VST did you use? I have been looking for some better drums" into...well...I didn't need to change my drum samples since they have always been from the drummer of the most awesome band ever. You know what I mean =)

See the similarities XD And that's also exactly why I owe much thanks to you! So for the millionth time, thanks Mashed. For the help you've given me, for the time to listen to my first works and for your review now.

Keep being AWESOME as I will try to be as well (XD),