Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"


front page & only 13 reviews!?

i shall be your 14th. D:<

one thing, at 0:19, i think theres an extra "BANG" there. is that suposed to be in there or not? its like an epic guitar break & then "BANG". o3o?

im seriously headbanging to this. i like how you put alot of instruments in there. it makes it real badass!!

5/5 10/10 & an ipod download cuz its one of the best battle songs i heard!

rtnario responds:

Hey, you should know that I'm a newbie to this list; it's my first time reaching front page =)

4th time and counting that the extra bang at 0:19 (and at 1:26) is in fact part of the original XDD

Thanks for the vote, the download and the comments; hope you enjoy it!


Starts off really quick, right off the bat!! I like that.
I don't like the 0:33 part. It seems like you wanted to fit too many instruments at once.
The drums were chaotic around the mid.
that sound at 0:19 and 1:26 didn't make much sense.
1:45 - again, a bit too much of everything.
Nice pauses here and there.
at 2:16 it sounded like it just SWITCHED, not transfered into something more quiet.

Rough around the edges, but I could listen to it in a dynamic game, maybe a shooter or a racing game, it's good.

rtnario responds:

Now THAT'S a review. It's true about me wanting to fit many instruments at once; I'm still working on that. The drums are all planned out to sound chaotic. =) The sound at 0:19 & 1:26, for the third time in these reviews (XD), was part of the original. And 2:16 was kinda abrupt, sorry ^^;

Thanks for taking the time to point out imperfections for me. I'll work on it ^^

DUDE... WTF?!!

WTF Did you use to make this????
Coz It's awesome!

rtnario responds:

FL Studio of course =)


Hmmm, consider me impressed.

Ryusei would be proud. It's got some small imperfections here and there, some parts where the back round seems to overtake the main melody (1:48 is the best example, the harmony has to be there but you should turn it down IMO).

It was well done, and I do love SRW music, nicely executed.

rtnario responds:

Yeah, I still have that problem about the background being too powerful, and is evident in lots my songs where I use lots of effects ^^;

Thanks much for the criticism! And since you love SRW music, you should check out Last Showdown. It's a remix of Haken Browning's theme from the newest non-strategy-but-still-ok SRW DS game, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier. I decided to make it after I made this XD

And FYI, I do have an old beta of Ryusei's theme remixed as well...=)

Pretty good

I like the guitar play, although it sounded kinda noisey throughout the song.
The sound at 0:19 and 1:26 seemed kinda random o_O

rtnario responds:

Again, it's part of the original. And yes, it really does sound very random, but I got used to it ^^
I'll try making the guitar sound cleaner, but I still have a long way to go there XD Thanks.