Reviews for "Trump Card Alteisen (Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Remix)"

Work of Art!

Man It's about time I found this :). Was surfin' through Youtube videos and I saw this and said "Aw yeah it's about to get real". Anyway great job.

rtnario responds:

Nice, YouTube got you here :D Thanks and glad you like it man!

Long Live Kyosuke Nanbu!!!

I could listen to this song for 4 days straight while working and I'm still not tired of it :D
Now if only there was a remix of Excellen's Theme (*hint hint*)
Amazing job as always!

rtnario responds:

...whoa. Then again, I had my own loops of my own remix back then when I made this so I can -kinda- relate XD AND HAHAHA HINT HINT? I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL ME...maybe. Just maybe. But I'm leaning on Elzam/Ratsel. XD Thanks!


Man, that was great! Congratulations!!

I'm really looking foward to another theme of SRW OG!


rtnario responds:

Haha, thanks! And Trombe! is one of my concept, you know...and to sound redundant...you never know :)

Damn, this is pretty awesome.

I first came across this in a video of a dude I follow. I have to say, after checking out this and some other stuff of yours, you're a pretty good composer. This makes me want to play Super Robot Taisen, actually, so mission accomplished for you, I guess. Keep doing what you do, man. *thumbs-up*

rtnario responds:

Wow, I thank that dude you follow for leading you here then! Thanks for the comments, reviews and the assurance that my mission has been accomplished. But hey, you're probably not complaining--it's a great game with awesome music, some of which I will definitely remix in the future! I'll keep it up. :D

Nice remix

this makes makes me want to beat the game all over again 10/10 dude.

rtnario responds:

Huh...for me, that's in progress. XD Thanks and glad you like it!