Reviews for "Stick Avalanche 2"

Addicitve and improved, nice one

An improvement to an already addicitve game. 2 player was a good idea, and so was adding colour and powerups, yet not too sure on the triangles. In terms of humor, alright, but if you haven't read Hitchikers, not much point. All in all, a good game, but still just lacking something

het stuk dat je nederlands bent ruled al

dit is een zeer verslavend spelletje
en heeft mooie introductie enzovoort

Totally fucking great!

That game was sweet, I love those types of games. The music was totally awesome, and I could listen to it for hours, and I did.

I hate you so much...

That background is so unbelievably distracting. If it weren't for that, i'd have held on a lot longer. I blame my lack of skill squarely on the creator of this game.

sweet job man, love the two player

very fun game, keep up the good work