Reviews for "Stick Avalanche 2"


try dying with reverse gravity on. now thats trippy

This game rocks!

This is the most addicting flash game I've ever played! I'd love to see a third one come out. My best score: 33316


This game was cool. The music was nice, and I liked the little Matrix intro. The gameplay itself was cool, and I managed to get to level 8 where evrything speeds up. The woman jokes were hilarious too. Keep up the good work!

Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!

The game itself was not that fun, but you got a perfect 10 for making me laugh with your anti-woman humor. Also, cows drink water and I don't use a chain, because a shock collar works better.


i loved the jokes in between frames, little things like that add onto the score (which was a 5 XD) the game itself was pretty entertaining and i liked the shit like umbrellas and reverse grav. the music was pretty cool, what was it? lol i realise what instrument but i mean what from