Reviews for "Stick Avalanche 2"

can be better

it's kinda boring.but still,a good effort.oh yeah,and it does work in FireFox,I used it :P

I was a pretty good game.

Some suggestions... Use more than one song. Got kinda old hearing it over and over. Hold back on the sexist jokes, I know you might think there funny but they are very hurtful for women.

Not bad!

I Have to say its a decent game, definatly worth playing. Improve your graphics and you will get a much better score. I love all the power ups and unique abilitys you can get. Great gae its very cool!

Great game.

I really enjoyed it. Note it works on Firefox for me so maybe it's just your computer? Anyways, it's great but I really reccomend if there's a third that there should be more landscapes, like maybe you have to dodge this stuff to get to the bottom of a mountain? Also I want a jump ability. Possibly if you can make it where you can jump on a falling cone and then leap onto another and get like points for that. There's my 2 cents. Thanks.

i ddnt waisted my time...

MAAAAN U DONT WRITE DOOOD ITS DUDE, dude it wos funny tough and im waiting for the fifth