Reviews for "Stick Avalanche 2"


i dont know why i found it so funny!!! ive played several games just like this and didnt like em much..... but theres something diff bout this game! maybe the simple graphics?

Really cool!

I think i played the first one but not on NG. That one was no where near as good as this one! This was great. Extremely addicting, smooth graphics, cool song, and even some humour! All the comments were hilarious because i was never good enough to get a high score so i only saw bad ones LOL!!! But really those rating and comments really help the addictive aspect of the game!

Anyways just keep it up! Keep making addictive games like this! Nice job! 4/5

Wilt u een grap horen?

Vette shit hoor.. ik keek wel een beetje verbaasd toen ik opeens nederlands tegen kwam.. maar je maakt dope shit! in ieder geval verslavend als dope..

P's to the Pope

Erh... It's nice and all, but also very over rated

It's a fair game... But it only kept me for like 5 min's or something... Nice little jokes and phrases between the diff. scenes... But... To Arcade-like for my taste... But hey, some people like it and some people don't.... Not that i don't like it.... But...... Just... to........ Arcade....

I'm gonna sleep now

?Como lo hace?

I'll be playing this for a while. I love the cut-scene jokes.