Reviews for "Stick Avalanche 2"

daniel mller?is it u?from camp northwood?

dude?is it really u or am i dreaming?u r daniel miller from camp northwood aren't u!i am danny jacobsen from camp northwood and i was in your archery class 1st choice period!

KiggD responds:

No I'm not your crappy friend Daniel Miller. Seriously, I can't believe you're serious. Are you the Danny Jacobsen that got arrested for molesting 9 year olds?!!

Nice game overall

Fun 2 play and the jokes are hilarious :D!



The trangles are squares.

I played this a lot before it was on newgrounds

I think its the music that makes this vertion of avalanche so good.

I so far have not managed to get past "dont blink", is there anything higher than A+?

The triangles are squares!

I love this game

I love this game, i used to play it alot 2 player mode with my friend, we used to pwn. i just started playing it again today and i kinda suck lol. Atleast i managed to get an A :)

Well, i reccomend this game to anyone and everyone. Nice graphics, i like the cones, they twirl and it makes them look 3d