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Reviews for "Grave 2"


That has to be the most powerful handgun in the world.... forget shotguns and machine guns, I want one shot kills with my little handgun, pfffffff :P

that game wasnt very good!

i didnt like it u should have put more detail into it, so next time try to make a game that doesnt seem like its from one of the [adultswim] shows with crappy animations. so try harder haha! sublimital boner joke

FrostedMuffins responds:

Ok, I tried my hardest. Every hour of everyday, my mind was set on what I could do to improve this game, then when I was at home, I would do those things. I put full effort into this. If you didn't like it, than that's you.

really bad

its not just the graphics, the whole game sucks. no ammo count, slow movment and bad weapons


crap dude the advice is redo the hole thing its shit

This is a prank right? bah of course it is, there's no way you actually thought this was any good.
It isnt? Oh... ahhh BYE.