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Reviews for "Grave 2"



FrostedMuffins responds:

gd means what? Good?



Graphics: The graphic where ok. They could have been better.

Style: Good game. I died once.. Only cuz i wasent used to the controls But.. It could have been better and more weapon's.

Sound:Kinda low... and muffeld but playing and shooting.. and trying not to get hurt.. well.. you don't really notice.

Violence:) O.o.. Could have been more.. Kinda play's along the Graphics.. But.. i gave it a 9 cuz it was pretty gory.

InteractivityLBotton's!!! Every one like's botten's lol

Humor: Every one like's Blood and Gore? I find it funny how they fell our of the window and made a splat.. and how i shot a hole through the chef's body.

In other word's.. I liked it.. i gave it a 5.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Yep, thanks for this nice and legnthly (bad spelling) review. Actually, the only buttons I had were on the menu, death screen, end screen and a button in the crosshair movie clip. I used hitTest to shoot the different zombies because different weopons will do different things.

not very good

this game lagged my ass off. It took me 10 seconds just to get across the screen

FrostedMuffins responds:

If it lags, it's not my fault, it is your crappy comp. Please don't fault the game because it was just made entertain you.


I thought it was a good game, even tho it was short... well u could go far by working hard.. i'm sure ^^ work on dude


im very impressed with your game. esspecally considering your age. just tweek the graphics allot more (dont take ophence to any of this)and add more music and sound affects also maybe more wepons and this would be a astronomicall game.