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Reviews for "Grave 2"


That was one of the lamest games I have ever played...

FrostedMuffins responds:

You are one of the lamest people I've ever heard of. Give something about it. Some good sides and some bads. That was stupid, I work my ass of for three months, no pay, only point is to give you free entertainment and you diss me. You are a major dumbass.


That has to be the most powerful handgun in the world.... forget shotguns and machine guns, I want one shot kills with my little handgun, pfffffff :P

ur lucky to get a 1.

all the time, people make games like this. there is nothing special whatsoever about this friggin waste of memory! and so what if your not an artist?! use your imagination to create somthing special! like blurs that can be produced with a spray can, you can just call them heat sensors. sure it won't be top notch but at least it will be better than THIS! and u pointed out your a programmer, well if you say that don't you want to be mentioned to be a GOOD one? heh well let me tell you somthing your like a bored rookie who made this in a day. I'm sorry but there is nothing special about this, thanks alot for wasting a minute of my precious time..

really bad

its not just the graphics, the whole game sucks. no ammo count, slow movment and bad weapons


Words cannot begin to express how disappointed i am by this. and i know a few words. like pants. that's a word...