Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"

Good stuff

I really like this song. That was pretty bland. But more specificly, i liked the background beat playing along with the whole song, even though it could be kept back a little to put more emphasis on the true instruments out in front. Going back to what I just said, it had a great combo with the instruments. They made this song sound very genuine. Lastly, I read some other comments which made me think about a background place for this song. And it sounds like a very empty place with someone who used to live there thinking about what he used to know and love, from old places to moments. An add-on to what I just said is that the song gives itself a story with some of the slower parts, and the parts that seem to be more happier. Overall though, GREAT MUSIC!

For some reason...

I just hear this song and see something in my mind that is kinda like a Fallout cut-scene. A guy walking through a torn up city... Every drop on the base, parts of the background around him flashes from current day destruction to peaceful, 60's style, semi-futuristic Fallout universe...

I gotta stop playing that game so damn much...

Ignoring that, the melody sounds like it came from a good record, very good style, and the beat matches up with it well. It blends easy listening styles reminiscent of the late 50's early 60's with a very noticeable 90's beat. The tone of the music behind it though, is never overshadowed or diminished by the shout of the drums, but instead blended in it; like the cool sea breeze wraping around you as you bask in the normally opposing heat of the beautiful July sun. Instead of being too hot, or a little chilled, it molds itself into an embrace equal to that of a mother... And apparently that mother is a total MILF.

Sublime; superb; and absolutely the apotheoses of easy listening remixes... Simply amazing.

war-spawn responds:

And that my good friend, is the reason why I have this song in Fallout :D

I REALLY Like this.... like alot.

Really I do. The beat is perfect and i love it when a classical mixture is brought into urban-esque kinda music, it gives it texture and tells a story. It perfect keep them coming!!!! <3 ^_^

Very nice

It's a really good song, it sounds like you could stand to make the drum set a bit softer though, it takes away from the rest of the song.

pretty frigen good

good its good