Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"

Your next!

I know my flash is sketchy but i plan on using this next for my next flash. Im going to spend more time on it, so it will compliment this track well.

Good song, i feel this song running through a panel of different lives who are in despair, but in a medieval setting. Wars and Battles fighting over the challenges charged by the higher officials, and a higher power.

Its really deep man. Keep up the good work. Ill send you a PM when my new flash is in with this song.


This is a good piece, sad and interesting.

it definately fair.

you ever get that when feeling when you hear a song, and you can picture a whole storyline/plot/movie/whatever to it? that's the feeling i get with most of your songs. i wouldn't call it emo. i could picture some samurai type scene. or mafia love story crap. it's amazing


Ps. I use yunveroz's & your instrumentals when i mix songs with acapellas of real artists. when you guys make beats like these, it keeps me going. keep up the good work man.


Man, I'm getting annoyed by people who immediately start screaming "EMO" when a song has got feeling to it. This is indeed a relatively sad song, but that's the power of it!
What I would have loved to see is too have a full orchestral piece, right after the trumpet (3.53). Just throw everything in, violins, trumpets, maybe some piano's and acoustic guitars.
Would make a nice addition to the song in my opinion, making it more interesting too.
Great as it is though. ;) Keep it up!

war-spawn responds:

I don't pay attention to thse idiots. They're just trolls who wait and post "less than witty" things on my pages because they have no musical talent themselves.

But yeah, definitely thanks for the review. If I ever remake this, I'll definitely try to add acoustic guitars. They're so ossim.


This is probably the sickest shit i've ever heard.