Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"

Damn this is good.

Too much style!

you coul get wit this

or you could get wit that

interesting song

Greetings from sweden!

This is real shit. Hate the shit that's "popular" these days.

Yo, keep it up!

// Arvid

Great great great!

I absolutely love this beat--*this* is real hip hop, not the garbage they play on the radio. It reminds me of some of the great independent stuff I used to play on my radio show back in the day.

My biggest criticism is that some of your transitions are choppy; you should try to avoid letting samples just cut off suddenly. You should also make an effort to find more samples to weave in, or at least toy with the beat--that will help keep it from getting repetitive. See if you can find the old Tomfoolio tracks Son of Drifter and Sleepwalker; those are good examples of what I'm talking about.

war-spawn responds:

Making transitions with samples is easier said than done. Whenever I sample something, I listen to the entire thing about 5 times, just to get an idea from it. Then from there, I take what I can. I do my best to use as much as possible, but there's times where things just don't go as well as you'd expect them to. That's pretty much what happened with the transitions in this one. The sample its self didn't even follow a standard hip-hop song time signature, so I had to cut a lot out.


Do not listen to the haters, and like you said in a previous reply to a comment, you do not which is good. I just wanted to say, keep making songs like this, and you will gain a very large audience. As I am into songs which add, other elements to sustain a very good song.

~ MrBloog