Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"

Oh my god

Damn man this was an amazing song... I hear tons of shit in the audio but wow you got some GOOD tastes!
Make more of this man! :D

Good homework music

Peaceful, good for blocking out distracting noise, without being distracting itself.

Good job Spawnishine

Spawn, you've done it again. A great ol' skool track. I loved it. everything flows really well and the beat is pretty chill. It's just something to mellow out to.

Loved the trumpet around 1:13. That really changed the mood of the song and I thought it was used perfectly. Some great strings going on in the background.

The most impressive IMO was your percussion. It was pretty clear, not too muddy and the samples used were perfect for this style of track. It really gave it a vintage feel with the kind of sampled recording, it sounded like it was all from an old movie.

Good stuff man, really loved it. I'd maybe say to change up the beat a bit, but other than that amazing!


Simply heavy and epic. Great job!

Meh Decent

Sounds better than a lot of the shit around here... plus its not techno.