Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"


I really like it. It sounds very sampled or made from Loops. Though nice. Makes me feel like on a trip or something. This will be used a lot think. :) Keep on

Make me some Mafia-music please ;)

war-spawn responds:

It was sampled.


im going to put this on my flash and YEAH im going to put you as audio credit!

Once again....

u murked it. That sample is absolutely GORGEOUS. plus, sum nice meaty drums to go along with it. Also the subtle bass accompanies the beat well good job again.

oh, and btw, do u realize where u are rite now? ...at the FUCKIN TOP of the "All-time scoring" list!!

Took a screen for ya just in case u missed it:

<a href=" http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g44 /Sirhc7000/WSatthetop.jpg">Click this shit.</a>

v v v nice

I love the Binary Star meets Portishead meets Cat Empire vibe. My main concern is that the beat feels unnatural on account of the skip which seems to not swing enough and the fact that the kick sound doesn't vary at all in that skip really. If this is part of a breakbeat maybe use the normal rhythm and if it's a bunch single hit samples arranged with some very smart processing then use another very similar kick in the second skip to give it more character and also offset the timing a fraction more behind the beat.

Awesome work! :)

very good song

I didn't like the intro but when I listened to it more I started loving it