Reviews for "WS - It's Only Fair"


Drum rhythm is good and all the sounds went together nicely. The only issue I'm having is that the drums are just a tad too loud. Not that fuzzy kind of loud but the drums REALLY overpower most of the song. It would also be nice if you mixed things up on the drums a bit.

Either way, nice job. 5/5, 9/10

I feel Somethin' deep inside

Its like a story of a lonely and prisoned....

Sounds a lot like bonobo

Don't know if you were intending to draw on that. Pretty good, in any case.


It has a good rythm and i love the use of drums and violens put together. I would use this at the end of a love story or something.


I like it. It combines kind of oldy/mafia style with an upbeat rythm. As it is right now, I think it would make a great background music theme for a game, because the kind of looped pattern would sustain extended gameplay, or at least thats what the song makes me thing of when I hear it. I think maybe the song could use a little more variation, maybe accent the trumpet and violin solos more. You might even want to throw in some jazz type stuff in there.

Hope it helped.
Overall: 4/5, 9/10