Reviews for "Orbox"

ARG my brain!!

I got to level 20!!! its 1:30 AM!! fuck this game is INCREDIBLE! how did you ever think up something so AMAZING! I swear, I've voting 5. I can't fuckin beat this thing but its soooo perfect. nothing to criticize. except maybe add different sounds, or a clock or a pause button. I dunno, it's pretty freakin good. MAKE ANOTHER!

i like

i am stuck on lvl 13, i think it was 13, there is no way to win, i checked all of the possible angles to win, and there are no ways to get to them. Checked as in Print Screen, then paste in paint, i put four line out of each box for possible directions, color coded and everything... wow, im weird, but i think maybe, you misplaced a block, i would give you a site, but im not allowed, so if you want to see it, respond or something. k...

Good game

I have seen games like it but dont think i have had one as hard thxs for the challenge..


its not bad but,
on a level i found no possiblity of completeing it

Road Blocks's cybernetic younger brother.

Okay, so I was introduced to this type of game a while back when I first played Road Blocks. So I started playing this already knowing what to do, and ended up finding it a little easier overall than the original. But comparisons aside, this is a pretty tight game by itself!

It's certainly flashy. Beautiful visual effects, backgrounds, tiles, colors, sounds... a lot of work was put into this game's presentation. However, I'd say more effort went into making this game "pretty" than difficult. I'm not saying it's an easy game by any means. It took me a while on some levels, and it's no simple task to get through all 25 or so in one sitting. But a lot of the solutions were pretty straightforward. Quite often, you only have one direction to go, and I found there wasn't as much decision-making involved as there was in the original Road Blocks. Having said that...

Some of the levels are quite intricate and complex. Here's where most of my style points are given. There is an impressive variety of block types with their own really cool effects (angled, slider, warp, sticky, directional, button/switch, rotating, etc.) I also like the bubble trail you leave and the point system based on it. It shows where you've been and helps prevent you from backtracking needlessly. All the different types of blocks and switches make for some pretty interesting levels, and I like the imagination you used. This helps even out the game's difficulty and provides it with a lot of personality. It's very fun to play through. ^_^

I especially like the last stage, the one where you have to turn off the laser beams. A lot of the later stages are very, very creative, and I know I probably couldn't have come up stuff like that. Like with Road Blocks, I am very impressed with the imagination you show in the level designs, especially with all the new types of blocks and having to use their special abilities to get to the exit. Finally, I like the random element you introduce in each level. If you've played through the game once and go through it again later, you'll notice that the stages are the same, but some have changed orientation. This mirror trick is very clever... it throws people who have memorized the solutions a curveball. A nice touch.

Well, I realize I've played this kind of game before, and could dismiss it as just a rehashed Road Blocks with flashier effects, but that would be selling this game quite short. It isn't quite the pure mental challenge that Road Blocks is, but you still have to apply the same strategies and lateral thinking to get through the levels. You still have to work backwards from the exit to solve a lot of the later stages, or at least that's how I do it. And it's got plenty of new tricks as I mentioned to keep it unique and interesting.

The graphics are beautiful, the sounds are perfect, and the concept is sound. This one gets a lot of style points... this is another very fun puzzle game. You know I dig it, since I'm leaving this overly lengthy review. ^_^ Thanks!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! But don't compare it with roadblocks. I think author of roadblocks take idea form some game with the same conseption. I saw 3 diferent games like looking. But when I thought up my game I didn't know nothing about it. It's my own idea.