Reviews for "Orbox"

So Addictive

Amazing game...
Maybe fix the random level, so there's always a way out.

btw... my final score was 27040..I tried to maximize it as much as possible.

GameBalance responds:

If I fix it how do you know it's random? You be able to pass it at the first time.

very puzzling gave me a dam headache

I liked this game alot it was very puzzling it took me likr 2 hours to beat it it gave me a dam headache but it sure was worth it nice job!

Its possible

This game is possible to beat, there are 25 lvls, and I done them all ^_^

Very Good.

Very good game, though I noticed that when you're stopped on a block, if you keep holding down the button (towards whichever block you're stopped on) that you will continually lose points. I lost a load of points cause I was thinking of the solution and just left my finger down on the button. Dunno if you meant for that to happen or not. Nice submission.


well i know some people say a lvl is impossible and i know why, there are some lvls where on the 3rd move or so u reach a unique spot that you can only reach once, and then you usually get a choice on 2 ways to go, if u turn the wrong way u just keep going in circles, but if u go the other way and do it right u will reach the end.
ex: lvl 12 and 13.

btw people here is how you beat the game, instead of moving randomly till u get close to the end, look, what square do you need to reach to get to the end, okay now what is the 1 way to get to that square, and how do you get to that square and how do u get to the square then the square b4 that and etc.

think backwards, it works well, but on the lvl 16 i got, i noticed u changed the pieces a bit every time u play on each lvl, the lvl 16 i got was impossible i looked everywhere there was no way to reach the end, look into the glitch, u would of gotten a 10 if it wernt for the glitch.
but other then that prty good.