Reviews for "Orbox"

Not bad but...

...u should fix the funcion 'start' with 'lvnr +1' ... or how u actionscripters do... Coz, if i wona skip the level i just rightclick-rewind and start the next lv coz the variables remain i guess...

Nice anyway!

GameBalance responds:

Why should I fix it? You lost all your score when you do it. And if this game is too hard for you - you can see all of it. If I remove that called bug you will not stand a chance.

Lvl 22

I hated lvl 22. I didn't like having to remember all the block combinations. Plus I didn't even know the buttons can be pressed again and depressed at first. The score blocks the red and blue buttons so you its hard to tell when they're pressed or not.

No level selection?

Played this game for a while and stuck at level 11 or 12 (can't remember). I can't seem to find any level selection option to continue where I left off. Would've been much better if there's a way to do this.

great game

that was fun as hellhard as hell too....oh well, i'll try it again when i'm not tired, keep it up!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! Hope you will make it.

Good for awhile...

It is a good game but only until the point when other players and myself included, realize that this game is too sophisticated for them and give up. Took me 5 minutes....