Reviews for "Orbox"

This game is brilliant.

This game is really cool. If it was on the DS or PSP or whatever, I'd totally buy it. That is, if I had a DS or PSP. Anyway, it's a really cool idea. I like the graphical style of the game. It's awesome.

my brain hurts...in a good way

i love it, but i had to but some music on, the 'beebs' or annoying, but a background tune in and its prefect




it took me close to 2 hours but i beat all 25 lvls, i had SO MUCH fun with this game, man lvl 22 and 25 are so FREAKIN HARD, great work, PS I LOVE YOUR ROBOT GAME...lol

GameBalance responds:



Bring me back to the old Legends of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons, where you have to change all of the tiles of the room to a certain color and once you change it once you can't change it back (Ages) and the one where you have to push the ice blocks onto a tile (Seasons). Good game. Your up there with the best Authors

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:) Thanks!