Reviews for "Orbox"


A very well designed game with a good concept, and great challenge. The sound could have used some work however, the noise of hiting a block gets a little aggrevating after a period of time... Anyway, great game, good strategy, and now I have to try to beat the 13th level for another hour.... 0.0 ITS IMPOSSIBLE! :(


as it sez above that was awsome!!! i only got to like lvl 16-18 or so and it was still awsome. i sooo gave this a 5 if i cud id give it a 10.


good job

i know this game is the same as road blocks but for some reason i like this one better. I dunno maybe its just harder. anyway i would like to see more of this type of thing or other puzzle games. :)

Its good

I got to level 14, then I had to exit. It amused me but it was too much like all ther other games. Same same. The levels were great but You need to work on the style.


I only got to level 8, im not that smart, but i liked it. I had to rate it for what it was though.