Reviews for "Orbox"


Beat the last level with a score of 20635. This was a very enjoyable game overall. It challenged me and took a long time and was very rewarding in the end. Good job.

GameBalance responds:



Level 12 was one of the easiest I thought. Good game.


lol damn 19 got me bad

just amazing... O.O

man... i give up... lvl 19...
with toasted brains >.<'

GameBalance responds:

Oh. Give you brain some rest. Thanks!

Wow, that was hard

Levels 14+ we're hard, but rewarding. I finally beat all 25 levels and it gives you a nice sense of accomplishment. I think it was the perfect difficulty and took me atleast an hour. If you make another, don't dumb it down.

There's also a glitch in level 16(unsure, but it's the level on the picture near "play this game") where you move through one of the white triangle blocks making it impossible(I think).

To sum it up: very hard = good

GameBalance responds:

I write about that glich. Just make a full screen. Thanks!