Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"

Not all that great for a sprite flash..

I've seen better, and I've seen worse, and this goes in the worse category. It was like many of the generic flashes using sprites, but I must say, I liked the Gameshark thing. From thereon it was funny, but the piano killed it. It was funny at points, but not THAT funny.


Good one gab!!! I though it was gonna be another of your crap things. But that was actually good! XD

prety damn good

very original. i liked its verity alot. i've never seen a flas like it before.

It was ok..i guess

you are right about one thing. It is alot better then some of the crap they get on NG. pretty good but WTF was up with the piano dude. that just killed the ending. but other then that i guess it was alright

very nice

i thought it was pretty cool samus and mario in a mexican stand off!
keep up the good work!