Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"

A couple things

1:yes this is better then a whole buch of crap on NG
2:you should of used more freakrent mario sprites and backrounds
3:i'll vote 3 cause other wise this was good

yeah... sorry.

I happen to agree with the other reveiwer. agreed, it's better than alot of other stuff, but it still isnt up to par. the movie is dry of any humor, the sound is annoying and too fast paced for the actual movie. the whole thing strikes me as "done in 30 seconds".


Graphics: 1/10; Nost of them were taken straight from the game, little effort at all on your part.

Style: 1/10; See above.

Sound: 2/10; nothing terribly creative.

Violence: N/A

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: 2/10; minimal, I didn't really see the ponit of the flash as a whole.

Sidenote: insulting other stuff on the site in your comments didn't raise my opinion of you.

O dear got that sound!!!

Horrible sound! Why did it last so long!!! Anyway, the animation was okay, and you're right, compared to all that other crap, this was even great. So... nice work.

Your right,it is alot better than some flash stuff

But not the best.It was funny though.I give it 4.