Reviews for "metroid: the lost level"


You get no star for a pathetic flash! It was HORRIBLE OOOOOOOOOOO! THE HORROR!!!!!!!!


uhhhh dude... WTF WAS THIS CRAP?! a) the sound FX pissed the shit out of me! b) samus could of just blown the shit out of mario c) a bullet couldnt penitrate samus' power suit d) wtf does mario bleed mushrooms? your wrong dude, this movie is one of the worst ive ever seen on this site

Kinda lame, kinda funny

Samus would thrash Mario in a minute, It had it's funny moments though, you should work on making it look neater, like when that goomba was flung through the air you should've made it arc or spiral, and why did mario get an ak-47!! LOLZORS

That was kinda lame.

Samus would kick Mario's ass even if Marois WAS using a Gameshark. Also they weren't Gamesharks back then, they were Game Genies(much cooler).


not bad but weird ending? lol oike you were desperate to end it. you should take more time in the ending, coz thats what people think of when voting, so if you make it a really funny ending, u will get a 5 you know what i mean?